>Boys Will Be Boys

Is the expression, “Boys will be boys” or “Boys will be sort of gross”?*

Dave noticed that Luke has finally outgrown his 2T underwear and that it was time for some new pairs. (He gets taller but not any wider around the waist so it hadn’t seemed necessary to buy any new underwear in the last 2 years.) So I took the 2Ts out of his drawer and went to Target. I came home with some tighty whiteys and some boxer briefs last Monday. I washed them Monday night and on Tuesday morning he was excited to try out the boxer briefs. I guess he liked them because it is now Monday again and he just took off the last pair before his shower this evening. Did I mention that was a 3 pack? It is possible that I have my days confused, and maybe he didn’t put the first pair on until Wednesday… but the math still works out to much fewer than one underwear change per day.

Secondly, when I was helping Luke dry off after his shower I noticed that my towel was just getting really dirty. After his shower. I think I am just going to start hosing him off in the yard, then I can water the lawn at the same time.

Lastly, we watched some little league on the way home from school/work today and one of the other moms had just noticed for the first time that lots of young boys now have shoulder length hair. Not having to deal with long hair is one of the great things about having a boy! Those poor moms have to deal with all that dirt and lots of conditioner? No thanks!

*MetaMegan does not endorse gender based stereotyping, and I know many dirty girls who probably don’t change their underwear very often. In fact, I should strike this whole post. But then how will millions of people read about my lax parenting in regards to personal hygiene and cleanliness?
** The photo is from wikipedia. I think I always wanted Wonder Woman Underoos, but in fact had a C3PO pair instead.


8 thoughts on “>Boys Will Be Boys

  1. Beth

    >Ummm, you DID have wonder woman underoos. I know because then I got them handed down! I am the one who had C-3PO underoos!!!

  2. Bill and Cindy

    >Okay, first I was cracking up at the C3PO underoos that Megan had when she really wanted the Wonder Woman ones. Then I read Beth’s comment and laughed even harder!!!!!

  3. Meta Megan

    >Maybe Beth had C3PO and I had nothing! I bet Katie had Wonder Woman underoos, that’s where the hand me downs, and my jealousy came from!

  4. Kathleen

    >I had C3PO too!! One time I went outside to run through the sprinkler in them thinking that it looked exactly like a swimsuit and no one would ever know. Matt Bennet’s ex-wife Debbie came over and asked if it was underwear and I was SO embarassed. I never forgot it and disliked her from that day forward

  5. Meta Megan

    >OMG Kath – that is funny. But were the C3PO underoos hand-me-downs from Beth? And if so, why didn’t you also get the 3rd hand Wonder Woman ones? Maybe I hid those some where.

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