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>Emily Post says you have a year to write your wedding thank you notes. Does anyone know the policy for your fifth birthday? We did a big push to get the thank yous out for the kids who attended the party, but the family thank you notes have been a long time coming. I had been writing it in my planner every week, and then I don’t know what happened, but tonight we were back in business.

Our strategy is this:
1.) I write everyone’s name on a list
2.) Luke writes the person’s name at the top and his name at the bottom and then tells me something to write in the middle.
It seems simple, but there are so many ways it can go wrong. First of all, I have terrible handwriting. My r looks like a v. Luke read back the letters in Scott to me as “S – O – O – H”. So there is that. And Luke is also a perfectionist, so that leads to other problems. Many tears were shed on Valentine’s Day over an “A” that looked like “It’s pants were falling down.”
So today, Luke was writing while I was making chicken, pineapple, red pepper skewers for dinner. I needed to spell out every name, and the list was only useful in creating a sense of satisfaction when a name could be crossed off. Chicken, pineapple, red pepper skewers are sort of labor intensive for a week night so I didn’t always know where I was in the spelling of a name. This led to an Anthony with two Os. Tragedy. Luke was also trying to write in block letters and had trouble with an N. I had a huge internal debate about showing him how to do it. Because all prior Ns had been written backwards. Do I show him the correct way and risk having to redo all the thank you notes? Do I dare contemplate making a backwards block letter N? Rest assured I did the right thing. And I was rewarded with a resigned sigh, “If you are right, then all the other Ns I have made are backwards.” Sigh.
Such a relief! Thank you notes are finished!
* Please allow another 1-2 weeks for me to find stamps, envelopes, addresses, etc.

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