>April Fools

>Happy April Fools Day! We celebrated early on Sunday for many reasons. First, who has time to create an elaborate meal like this during the week? Second, I was confused about what day April Fools day was and I needed to cook the meatloaf cupcakes sooner rather than later. Luke and I got recipes for fried eggs (marshmallows and apricot) and cupcakes (meatloaf and mashed potatoes) from the Family Fun website. Luke had a good time helping me make the eggs, but when I started him on stirring the ground turkey and egg to make the meatloaf he said, “I can’t stir this anymore because it reminds me of a bowl of worms and it’s making me feel sick.” I don’t think that was the kind of reaction Family Fun was predicting when it came up with these fun recipes to cook with your family. Or maybe I was supposed to surprise my husband and children with warm cupcakes when they walked in the door from school and work? Yes, that is probably it.

Meatloaf was an interesting dinner choice for me, because, as everyone knows, I hate meatloaf and have been known to cheer when my mom’s meatloaf was ruined. There was also an episode of Family Feud that I watched with my siblings some 22 years ago where the topic was “Favorite Foods” and a little old Gramma said, with a gravelly smokers voice, “Meatloaf.” I had never laughed so hard at an episode of family feud. Survey says? Ding, ding, ding: Meatloaf!!!

Who knew that people liked meatloaf? I guess you can’t believe everything you see on TV though because, while I choked down two cupcakes, and Luke forced down a no-thank-you-bite, and Dave said, “wow, I don’t need to drown these in ketchup!” there are still quite a few left over. So I packed 6 cupcakes in Dave’s lunch for today, and I will be going out for lunch!


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  1. Meta Megan

    >I just don’t eat beef. So I made the cupcakes out of turkey which may have made them a little grosser! And I pretend I don’t know about the lard in the marshmallows. Mmm lard.

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