>Oh The Places He’ll Go

At three he was a bunny, just playing in snow
Today it’s as if he’s almost a pro!

His fave is Jug Glades he heads straight for the trees
I can’t even follow! Poor me, oh poor me.

Dream and Scream’s next like he’s racing world cup.
At the base he says, “Mom, I was ripping it up!”

Sometimes we crash and we lay where we fall.
And sometimes we’ll toss a little snow ball.

We chit chat on the lift and eat some starburst.
As we get close to to top, I prepare for the worst.

But he just hops off and starts to cruise
And I fall down and often get bruised.

He has a great teacher, Dad’s number one!
Dad is the one that makes skiing fun!

Last weekend Dad took him straight down Mule Shoe
A black diamond that scared me till age 32!

In powder, on groomers, steeps, jumps, bumps, and trees
Sunny, or windy and 14 degrees

You’ll find Luke at Eldora all over the place,
Tearing it up with a smile on his face!


3 thoughts on “>Oh The Places He’ll Go

  1. heather reese

    >Megan, you are so cool! I’m glad we’re friends. Also, reading the blog will help keep me from shopping online and buying things that we definitely need! love, heather

  2. Anonymous

    >Your description of his skiing is entertaining. For me, his progress is good news/bad news. The good news he is progressing so fast, the bad news is that Luke will get bored skiing the groomed blue/black with me. I have not figured out how to reply other than ‘Anonymous’. Paul

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