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>Hitting The Slopes

>Jack got his first season pass to Eldora on Saturday!


>And So It Begins

>Last year, when I decided not to get a ski pass, I had a knee injury and a 17 month old who was getting difficult to entertain in the lodge. I had visions of the two of us snuggled up together on cold mornings… visions of sewing, and crafting, and working out and reading while he napped. (In my visions, I’m really motivated and Jack is really tired.)

Apparently my visions also did not account for the fact that my sweet, sweet baby would be 2 by the time the ski season started. And that my knee might heal. And that Jack would want to do everything his big brother is doing.

A few weeks ago, I started to worry about the ski season, and what would happen when Dave and Luke left us every weekend morning. “Where Lukie go? Soccer? I go soccer?” Etc. I thought I was keeping my concerns mostly to myself, until Dave said he wasn’t planning on leaving today until Jack was safely napping, so it’s not just me.

With Jack asleep, and he skiers on their way up the hill, I headed down to the basement, put on my headphones and got on my exercise bike. I did get off, and stop, and readjust things a few times, so Jack can’t have been screaming his head off for long before I heard him. Right? I ran up to his room, and gathered him into my loving arms, and tried to console him like only a mother can. He put his head on my sweaty shoulder and said, “No! No like it! No like it! Daddy daddy daddy daddy.” Once I had a blanket barrier between my clammy arms and my poor, sweet, neglected baby, he feel back asleep. Then I decided to lay on the couch for a while and wallow in mild guilt. Apparently there are these things called monitors? I am going to look into the concept of setting one up in the basement, so I can hear crying over the sound of the bike or the sewing machine.

It’s only until March – Jack and I can get our 2010 season passes then. I think we will be ready for some spring powder days.


>At some point last week, I was instant messaging Dave, and I said, “Do you really think we’ll be able to get up, find Easter baskets, have an Easter egg hunt, make it to church by 9:00 am, then head straight to Eldora for the last day of the season, and still make it to dinner at our friends by 5:00?” He said, “Sounds great!”

And that was before the impromptu egg dying, card playing, movie watching marathon that resulted in Dave having to stay up until midnight making cauliflower pie on Holy Saturday.

I can’t even remember which night we were up with Jack between 4 and 5:30 and which night Luke’s alarm woke me up at 3:30 am, after it had been going off for an hour. Long story short, everyone was tired on Sunday morning, and I let Dave stay in bed while the boys looked for their baskets. With the combination of staying up too late and having candy for breakfast it came as no surprise that we went from Easter morning joy, to finding the baskets, eating breakfast, playing, and finally, sobbing in less than 50 minutes. Right on schedule.

Luke found Jack’s basket right away but couldn’t find his own basket. Jack found my basket right away and had no desire to look for his own. Why bother looking for your own basket, when you can just climb on top of the table and eat Mama’s candy? (The Easter Bunny does not hide my basket.)

From April2009

In this video, I learn that Jack can say chocolate. (Dave told the daycare that Jack likes jelly beans, which gave all the other parents the chance to say that their children have never had jelly beans. Bad Dave!)

Once Jack finally found his basket, he wasted no time stuffing his little chipmonk cheeks with candy:

From April2009

It was hard, believe me, to come up with the perfect outfit that would transition from Easter Sunday mass to skiing to dinner with friends. Dave did well with long underwear under his nice jeans. Exchange the jeans for snow pants and voila!

From April2009

I planned to pull on my fleece pants under my skirt and exchange my sweater for a fleece top. But I forgot my clothes and had to just go with just tights under my ski pants and my Easter sweater. No photos, but brrr.

Dinner was delicious. Dessert… well that’s a story for another day.

From April2009

>Do Chipmunks Go To Heaven?

>There was an incident today. I blame Tami.

Tami and I went to Eldora today. On the first lift ride she told me this crazy story about seeing a squirrel in the middle of a run somewhere. Winter Park? It went something like this:

Tami: It was crazy. I saw a squirrel in the middle of a run at Winter Park.
MetaMegan: That is crazy.
Tami: Yeah, I think it’s the only time I have ever seen wildlife when I was skiing. And it was just a squirrel.
MetaMegan: Once I saw a porcupine at Vail.
Tami: Really? That’s crazy.
MetaMegan: Yeah, I think that is the only wildlife I have seen,
Tami: I know, you see tracks all the time, but never the animals. I would like to see more animals.

Fast forward a few runs and we were headed to the Corona lift along a terrible, icy, hard packed cat walk. I felt a twinge of guilt that I forgot to tell Tami that you have to go 1000 mph at the start or else run out of steam and fall, and have to take your snowboard partway off and hike to the top of the next hill before you get going for a little bit, but then you aren’t going fast enough and it happens again. It’s sort of rough. Also, it was 4 degrees. So if you were going fast enough, then any exposed skin started to freeze.

So, I was flying, when out of the woods came a chipmunk. Right at me. There was nothing I could do. So I screamed. And then when I both heard and felt a thud underneath my snowboard I screamed again. And then I turned and looked over my shoulder and I thought I saw a chipmunk hobbling off into the forest. There were two witnesses:

Witness1: I’ve never seen anything like that.
MetaMegan: Me neither
Wintess1: That was so crazy.
Metamegan: I know.
Witness2: He’s going to die, you know.
MetaMegan: It was an accident! There was no way I could have avoided him!
Witness1: You don’t even want to know what happened.
MetaMegan: I think someone just told me.
Witness1: Well, I think it was quick at least.

Witness1 (from a distance): OMG – See that girl over there, you are never going to believe this…

Meanwhile I was waiting and waiting for Tami. She finally arrived:

MetaMegan: Whatever happened to you can’t be worse that what happened to me.
Tami: I had to take my goggles off because they got steamed up from the tears I was crying.
MetaMegan: You win, what happened?
Tami: I think I broke my tailbone.
MetaMegan: I ran over a chipmunk with my snowboard and killed it.
Tami: Oh my God. Is there blood on your snowboard?

So then Tami and I were on the lift sharing stories of people falling off ski lifts and we realized, if our earlier discussion about wanting to see wildlife conjured a chipmunk out of nowhere, we should choose our subject matter wisely. In fact, we should just leave and nurse our physical and spiritual wounds over a beer in the comfort of my living room. So that is what we did, being careful what we said or thought the whole way home.

In retrospect, it turns out we were pretty lucky that we didn’t conjure up any bad ski lift karma.

>Happy Birthday Dave!


We had fun celebrating Dave’s birthday this past weekend. We could see some runs at Eldora and Dave said, “That’s Corona.” To which Luke replied, “Oh, I can see Mule Shoe. It looks steep from here.” I don’t know why, but I found it to be very impressive that he could not only remember the name of the run, but identify it in the summer. Don’t worry Luke, it will be covered in snow again soon!
(Mule Shoe is on the left)

Luke and Jack and I hung out

while Dave did some fishing. Dave got sort of wet,

maybe I should have gotten him chest waders for his birthday instead of a wii?

On the other hand, I suggested to Luke that I would be willing to play wii baseball with him after he was finished eating his asparagus, and for the first time ever, he ate his asparagus. Chest waders don’t have super powers like that!

>Oh The Places He’ll Go

At three he was a bunny, just playing in snow
Today it’s as if he’s almost a pro!

His fave is Jug Glades he heads straight for the trees
I can’t even follow! Poor me, oh poor me.

Dream and Scream’s next like he’s racing world cup.
At the base he says, “Mom, I was ripping it up!”

Sometimes we crash and we lay where we fall.
And sometimes we’ll toss a little snow ball.

We chit chat on the lift and eat some starburst.
As we get close to to top, I prepare for the worst.

But he just hops off and starts to cruise
And I fall down and often get bruised.

He has a great teacher, Dad’s number one!
Dad is the one that makes skiing fun!

Last weekend Dad took him straight down Mule Shoe
A black diamond that scared me till age 32!

In powder, on groomers, steeps, jumps, bumps, and trees
Sunny, or windy and 14 degrees

You’ll find Luke at Eldora all over the place,
Tearing it up with a smile on his face!