>Happy Birthday Dave!


We had fun celebrating Dave’s birthday this past weekend. We could see some runs at Eldora and Dave said, “That’s Corona.” To which Luke replied, “Oh, I can see Mule Shoe. It looks steep from here.” I don’t know why, but I found it to be very impressive that he could not only remember the name of the run, but identify it in the summer. Don’t worry Luke, it will be covered in snow again soon!
(Mule Shoe is on the left)

Luke and Jack and I hung out

while Dave did some fishing. Dave got sort of wet,

maybe I should have gotten him chest waders for his birthday instead of a wii?

On the other hand, I suggested to Luke that I would be willing to play wii baseball with him after he was finished eating his asparagus, and for the first time ever, he ate his asparagus. Chest waders don’t have super powers like that!


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