>Wednesday Casual Picnic at the Park

>We usually picnic on Wednesdays, and today is Wednesday. As usual, I tried to make things as complicated as possible. Hazel Miller was playing at the Bands on the Bricks, and I needed tomatoes for dinner tomorrow, so I figured, “Why not go to the farmers market, get some tomatoes, have a picnic and then watch a band?” And “why not take the kids there on the bus, and have Dave meet us there?” I packed the stroller, the diaper bag, a bag for the tomatoes, the sling, (so I could carry Jack while getting on the bus with Luke and the stroller and the diaper bag), and then I decided there was no way I could carry a picnic too. It’s actually a small miracle that I was able to realize my limitations so clearly. Anywho, I drove to the daycare and we took the bus downtown. Dave met us there, I bought tomatoes, the best cherries ever, and a basil plant to replace my latest disappeared zucchini plant. I have officially given up on zucchini. You win, rodent! (Shaking fist at rodent!) Then we ate dinner, and listened to two songs before we headed home. Dave and Luke biked home and Jack and I took the bus. At first it was all I could do to distract Jack from playing with the wheels of the stroller. Then he noticed the leaves of the basil plant. Then it was all I could do to distract him from the leaves of the basil plant. Now, Jack was in the sling on my hip, and I was sort of holding the bag with the basil plant, and sort of holding the stroller. So it was a difficult balancing act to distract Jack from one with the other, just in time to keep him from eating either. Then he realized, “Hey, I can reach both of these!”

Speaking of how I like to make things complicated, I have friends who have the cutest picture of their soon to be 8 year old, when he was 6 months old. It was a naked baby on his tummy, on some sort of rug or something. Cute. So I thought, hey, Jack just had a bath, he is the cutest thing ever, I’m on vacation at a hotel, where a naked baby photo is less risky from a pee perspective, why not try to see what kind of adorable photo I can take?

Let’s just say I haven’t purchased a frame yet.

And now, to get that image out of your mind, here is Jack in his slip ‘n slide debut:

Oh, and I sort of forgot to get off the bus at the daycare and rode it all the way home instead. So I guess I’ll pick up the car tomorrow.


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