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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Dutch Baby


This isn’t a recipe for a crowd, or I suppose it could serve more people if it was just one of many items being service for breakfast.  I made it on a day that Dave was going into the office, so he missed out. Jack and I both ate a a fourth, and Luke ate half.  It was delicious.  I’m sure I served bacon and fruit with it, but I can barely remember.

I followed this recipe from the New York Times, and it was amazing.  If you were stressed about the butter, you could maybe cut it in half. I was surprised at how much melted butter was just resting on top of the dutch baby when it came out of the oven.


I covered the butter in cinnamon and sugar, and that was delicious.


This was the start of a marathon baking week.  I made cookies for Jack’s class, then I baked a Game of Thrones cake for his birthday.  Then I made FBF today, and we are having a recital at our house tonight, so that will be dinner for 13. That just leaves one more cake to bake for Jack’s birthday party.  And then I can just relax until… wait is Thanksgiving next week?



Fancy Breakfast Friday: Happy New Year!

I’m vacationing for New Years and I decided that I don’t want to leave my fancy camera in various parking lots at 10 or fewer degrees while I shred the mountain on my snowboard.  (I use the term shred loosely.)  So I don’t have access to the photos I took on Christmas morning of the fabulous breakfast that I made.  (Reminder, #FBF is one week delayed.) Earlier in the week though, I did make this gingerbread dutch baby.  It was pretty, but nothing to write a blog post about.

For Christmas morning, I made the same scones I make every year.  I make the scones ahead of time and freeze them, then they go straight in the oven at 375 and cook until browned and perfect.   So yummy.  Click here for the recipe.  

I also made a fritatta.  On Christmas eve I microwaved some spinach (my recipe calls for “all the spinach that is about to go bad in your fridge.)  I also sliced some onions and shredded some chedder cheese.  In the morning, I sauteed the onions in olive oil, while I whisked about 6-8 eggs.  I whisked in the cheese, spinach and some leftover choppped bacon.  Once the skillet was heated up and the onions were softening, I poured the egg mixture in.  i left the eggs on top of the stove until they no longer wiggled when I shook the pan, and the scones were done.  Then I put them in the hot oven with the broiler on low.  Presents were on the verge of being opened so I had to keep a close eye on everything.  Scones, frittata, sausages, and bacon were served with milk, juice, coffee, and presents.

Happy New Year Everyone!  Here’s to some delicious breakfasts in 2016!

Fancy Breakfast Friday: Oven Pancake Take Two

After  last week’s Famous Fancy Breakfast Friday Flop, I decided to redo the recipe at home in my own kitchen.  Last week, I blamed the cracker of a pancake on maybe too much flour, or maybe not having the right pan, or maybe not having any measuring spoons or cups. I am sure that the pan had something to do with it, because I dont see how a pancake could have risen like the one above in a 13×9 pan like the one I used last week.

HOWEVER, by redoing the exact recipe, I was able to find my fatal flaw.  When I added the milk to the pancake shown above, I realized that I had no memory of adding milk the first time.  The milk may have made a big difference in the pancake consistency.  The other difference was that I whisked at my parents house, and at home I used the blender for a couple quick seconds to combine everthing.  This ended up being a lot like my recipe for apple pie pancakes, with the only difference being that I usually saute the apples in the cast iron skillet and then pour the pancake batter over the apples and bake the pancake.  It doesn’t rise like in the picture above, but it does puff up, and it is delicious.

I served this with apples chunks that I sauteed in butter, cinnamon and a little brown sugar.  I sliced the pancake into 4 and the boys and I ate it with apples and vanilla yogurt.   I asked Dave how he ate his and he said, “I assumed you ate all the caramel sauce, so I was forced to used maple syrup.”  I said, “Caramel sauce? I guess the apples were a little carmalized, but no, we had it with yogurt.”  He said, “Yogurt. Blech.”

Jack said it was “so good” and “can I have this on my birthday?”  which is basically the highest praise to which a meal can aspire. Birthday Worthy.

Fancy Breakfast Friday

Last week I was visitng my parents and I decided to treat them to a very special FBF.  When I am at my home, I set my alarm extra early to get FBF on the table for my babies.  When I am the baby at my parents house, I sleep in so late that they have already left the house for church and the gym, so I planned to have a fancy second breakfast ready for when they got home.

I set out to make what I call “apple pie pancake” because for some reason my mom had 1,000 apples in the fridge and on the counter.  I didn’t have my recipe book with me, so I used this recipe from Betty Crocker.  Click the link and then compare the picture to mine so you can see how I #nailedit.  I call this new creation “Apples on a Cracker.”

The thing about cooking in someone else’s kitchen when they aren’t home is that sometimes you can’t find what you are looking for.  The things I couldn’t find include measuring cups, measuring spoons, a spatula, and an oven proof skillet.  Minor details.   I think my estimates were off.

But I guess if I was going to have a big Fancy Breakfast Friday Failure, I am lucky that it still tasted good, and my mom will forgive me.