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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Cinnamon Rolls


Grandma was visiting for Luke’s 8th grade graduation last week, so she got the honor of choosing a menu for Fancy Breakfast Friday.  She chose cinnamon rolls.  I don’t have my “perfect” cinnamon rolls recipe yet, so I went for the easiest one I could find.  I used this dough and method from Smitten Kitchen.  I made the dough the night before and due to the Little League schedule I had the option of letting it rise on the counter for 45 minutes, or 3 hours.  I went for three house.  I rolled it out filled it, rolled it up, cut into pieces and filled the muffin tin before bed and then baked them in the morning. For the filling I mixed a cup of brown sugar, a dash of nutmeg and a couple teaspoons of cinnamon.  I didn’t end up using the entire filling because it was way too much, so I have been topping Jack’s oatmeal with it all week.  Half a cup would have sufficed.

A nice thing about this recipe is that theoretically, I could have baked half for the family that woke up early, and the other half for those on a summer sleeping in schedule.  I didn’t though.

Jack was helping my photograph, and he really wanted to have Lucy pose cutely in the background, but I didn’t want the dog that close to my breakfast.  So he had to stand in for her.



Fancy Breakfast Friday:Cinnamon Sugar Popovers


Last Friday’s FBF was a pile of uninspired smiley face pancakes.  It’s been done to death, but this time I made a triple recipe and took a bunch to the 3rd grade Valentine breakfast party.  No photos were taken, but here’s the recipe.

We had a very lazy President’s day weekend because Luke had an extremely high fever and Jack had a head injury. (A “let’s just rest for a couple days since Luke is ill anyway” type of injury, not a diagnosed concussion or anything.)  I spent some time browsing Pinterest and I saved this recipe for a future FBF.  Then Luke’s illness miraculously improved to the stage where you have a burning desire to make homemade donuts.  I’ll make a pop tart from scratch, but for some reason I draw the line at frying donuts.  There are a lot of reasons why I don’t feel like helping/allowing Luke to make donuts but I summarized them with this reply to his request: No.  To soften the blow, I suggested that he go ahead and steal my FBF thunder and make these popovers.  He did, and they were amazing.

These popovers were the tallest popovers made in my kitchen by far.  I also love that this recipe makes 6, since I have a 6-popover pan.  My only complaint was that Luke only divided the batter 5 ways, so there were a couple that were just slightly undercooked.  This is definetly something that I (we) plan to make again.