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Fancy Breakfast Friday: Bananas!

DSC01065At our house we do this weird thing where if you say, “What’s two plus two?” the answer is “Bananas!” I’m not 100% sure of the origin story, but it has to do with trying to jinx someone, or avoid being jinxed.  I am sure, either way, it hasn’t help Jack learn his math.

As I have have mentioned many times, I buy more bananas than people have time or energy to eat, especially since no child will eat a banana with one spot of brown on it, which makes it hard to pack them in lunches.  And I should say, I also only like slightly underripe bananas, and I don’t like to pack bananas with bread (i.e.: for lunch or a camping trip) because bread that takes on the flavor of banana makes me want to gag.  But do I love to bake with bananas? Yes I do.  And while I searching my blog for banana references, here is an old story about Jack.

I have two banana FBFs that I haven’t shared – I made banana muffins last Friday that I forgot to photograph.  I used this recipe for bread, and I put a couple chocolate chips on top of each one.  They were enjoyed by all.

Longer ago, I made this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, which I have made before.  I had a memory that no one liked it because of the millet, which Dave correctly identified as a main ingredient in bird seed.  But once I thought about the bread, I decided I had to make it, and if no one liked it, well… more for me.  Unfortunately everyone loved it this time and it was quickly devoured.

OK – we are now officially all caught up on FBFs and approaching the 2 year anniversary of this fun project.  Last year around this time I started to put together an index of recipes, and maybe I’ll get back to that soon! Maybe not!

One Jack quote from an old blog post, when he was three:

And when I asked Jack if he wanted any butter on his banana bread he said, “No, just give it to me straight.”