Fancy Breakfast Friday: Banana Cinnamon Waffles


Back before the internet was invented, I used to cut recipes out of magazines and glue them into a composition book.  (I still do this.)

Towards the front of this ancient artifact, is a recipe for banana cinnamon waffles, that you can also find here. I used to make this all the time, but I stopped when I found this recipe for pancakes.  But since I have been on a kick to use all the frozen bananas in my freezer, and also because I got a fancy waffle maker this year, I decided to make them again.  And they are still delicious!  Or so I assume.  I only ended up with 6ish waffles.  I ate the part that Jack couldn’t finish.  I think Luke could have eaten more.  And I served Dave the ugly ones.  Thanks for taking a picture of your waffles, Dave!

Note to self: Double this recipe.  The recipe calls for buckwheat flour, but I sub whole wheat.

This weekend will be our first camping weekend of the year, and I have already downgraded my fancy breakfast menu a couple times.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t get downgraded all the way to cold cereal.


2 thoughts on “Fancy Breakfast Friday: Banana Cinnamon Waffles

  1. Toni Dash

    (Crossing my fingers I can leave a comment this time). These sound SO good! You’ve given me inspiration for all the toaster waffles petrifying in my freezer. Being gluten-free buckwheat flour is perfect for us, thanks for that mention. Enjoy your camping! We’ll be enjoying tax prep and some egg hunting.

  2. Laura

    Hey, I have that same mug! Love it. waffles sound fabulous. I made trader joe’s frozen chocolate croissants this morning. they are really good, but I’m still hungry.

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