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>Dun de dun duh, Dun de DAH!

>Jack had his first non friend/relative babysitter on Saturday. (Milestone for Mommy.) OK, we hired one of the teachers from the daycare, so it’s sort of cheating since she is a professional. Dave and I had dinner, drinks and we saw a movie. I was thinking I could do one of those mastercard, or visa or whatever “Priceless” commercials. But first of all, that has been done to death. And secondly, I can only mentally add up some of the cost without thinking maybe it would have been better spent paying for a year of Jack’s college tuition.

Then I keep reminding myself about how I didn’t see the 3rd Indiana Jones because I went to the theater at the Great Northern Mall with my friend Kristen, and when we found out that ticket prices had gone up from $5.00 to $5.50, we just couldn’t justify that extra 50 cents. That was 19 years ago. If I had seen the movie I am sure I would remember how good it was. Instead I am thinking about all the interest I have earned off those 2 quarters. (At 4% compounded annually for 19 years, it’s $1.05, or approximately enough to pay a babysitter for just slightly more than 6 minutes.)

But enough about how cheap I am.

We saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and it was awesome! At first I was thinking it was sort of cheesy, but then Dave reminded me that Indiana Jones is very, awesomely cheesy. I really wish I would have saved that poster I had of Harrison Ford in my room for all those years. Sadly, I was not able to find a replica in 30 seconds of internet searching. OK, I searched for another 30 seconds. I don’t think this was it exactly, but it’s close.

>Blog It Out

Monday night I was live blogging our first attempt at crying it out while simultaneously googling “crying it out”. Who knew that allowing your baby to cry causes most of the problems in our society today? Probably lots of people. Of course it wasn’t as easy as letting Jack cry for 10 minutes, as I reported, and the next day I sighed, and rubbed my eyes, and commiserated at work with my fellow mommies about how I was up until 12:45, when I finally gave in and nursed my little baby to sleep. And then we were up again at 6am. Poor me. And then I was banished from the club, stripped of my complaining rights, and that was that.

Since other people have it worse, I did not volunteer the fact that Tuesday night, Jack slept from 8pm to 6am. So it seems that our evening of crying it out was totally effective, just what the doctor ordered, and the answer to everything! (Probably not.) Or maybe Jack was just having a hard time adjusting to the crib after sleeping so close to his mom and dad and brother all weekend on our camping trip. (Oh, the guilt.) Regardless, the damage has been done and Jack is now as ruined as his older brother.

In other sleep related news, I will now begin getting a lot more of it because we watched the last episode of Deadwood this evening. That makes 36 episodes in about 6 weeks. I will now go into withdrawal, and to get through it I think I’ll try to get to sleep before midnight a few time a week.

Now to sleep – last night I dreamed of a skunk eating all the vegetables in my garden. Possibly as it was actually happening. Darn that skunk and it’s zucchini, melon, and pumpkin leaf eating!

>Not The Memorial Day Camping Trip Post

>The Memorial Day Camping Trip Post will have to wait because I think the camera is in the car and it’s raining and I’m lazy, etc.

Nothing new to report on the Deadwood front because I mistakenly forgot to update my queue, and received The Savages (Carrying the emotional scars of an abusive childhood, siblings Wendy Savage (Laura Linney, in an Oscar-nominated role), a long-aspiring playwright, and Jon Savage (Philip Seymour Hoffman), a professor of drama, now face the challenge of caring for their ailing elderly father, Lenny (Philip Bosco), despite their emotional disconnect from him and each other. Tamara Jenkins (Slums of Beverly Hills) wrote and directed this indie drama.) instead of Deadwood. Hmm. Sounds really fun.

In the future I am going to try not to mix the Academy Awards, alcohol, and my Netflix list. Maybe I’ll take notes and then update my queue the next day if the movies still look good.

>Too Much TV


Between 2 episodes of Deadwood and the 2 hour season finale of American Idol*, I don’t really have time for the latest dummening story. But tomorrow is another day. Please enjoy the picture. Jack is smiling (grimacing) because I am training him to be a ham for the camera, but he really didn’t enjoy the peas at first.

*Don’t worry – I watched the American Idol finale on triple fast forward. It took 120 minutes down to less than 5. Before I could remember an A or B or C list star’s name, their song was over, and I didn’t have to listen to it. I just wanted to see who won, and who cried, and who looked surprised. About 1 second after the announcement, as the hugging commenced, the recording stopped. If there was 2 more seconds of banter before the results were announced, I wouldn’t have seen it! This would have been the worst Tivo tragedy since the Broncos won in overtime that bittersweet afternoon last fall.

>Halfway There

>It’s Wednesday! Halfway through the week, halfway through Dave’s business trip to Dayton (miss you honey), but most importantly, halfway through my Deadwood fast. With Dave out of town, I’m not watching any episodes until his return (because I am nice). Attempts at work to strike up a conversation about Deadwood has led to dead ends. (And not because the show went off the air some time ago.) Conversations have gone like this: “never heard of it.” and “I like westerns as much as I like outer space”. Which, on the surface, seems to mean, “I’ve never experienced it, please tell me all about it, I bet it’s fascinating. But really, it means, stop talking to me about Deadwood. So it was very exciting to have this dinnertime discussion with Luke. (Names have been changed to protect the, the, well, innocent doesn’t seem quite right.)
Luke: Montgomery said he has seen every movie.
Me: Really?
Luke: Yes, Montgomery said he has seen Return to the Jedi. And I asked him if he had seen the Pod Races and he said, “Yup!” and I asked him if he had seen the Clone Wars and he said, “Yup.” and I asked him if he had seen some other movies and he said, “Yup.”
Me: Well, sounds like he has seem a lot of movies.
Luke: Then I asked him if he had seen Deadwood and he said, “Yup. There’s a giant in it.” Is there a giant in Deadwood?
Me: Nope, no giant. And I guarantee you that Montgomery has not seen Deadwood.

So yea! I got to discuss Deadwood. AND I was able finally prove that Montgomery makes up stories. This has been a battle since Luke’s first loose tooth, when Montgomery said, “Oh. I have 10 loose teeth.” And “The tooth fairy isn’t real.” Darn that Montgomery!!!