>Dun de dun duh, Dun de DAH!

>Jack had his first non friend/relative babysitter on Saturday. (Milestone for Mommy.) OK, we hired one of the teachers from the daycare, so it’s sort of cheating since she is a professional. Dave and I had dinner, drinks and we saw a movie. I was thinking I could do one of those mastercard, or visa or whatever “Priceless” commercials. But first of all, that has been done to death. And secondly, I can only mentally add up some of the cost without thinking maybe it would have been better spent paying for a year of Jack’s college tuition.

Then I keep reminding myself about how I didn’t see the 3rd Indiana Jones because I went to the theater at the Great Northern Mall with my friend Kristen, and when we found out that ticket prices had gone up from $5.00 to $5.50, we just couldn’t justify that extra 50 cents. That was 19 years ago. If I had seen the movie I am sure I would remember how good it was. Instead I am thinking about all the interest I have earned off those 2 quarters. (At 4% compounded annually for 19 years, it’s $1.05, or approximately enough to pay a babysitter for just slightly more than 6 minutes.)

But enough about how cheap I am.

We saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and it was awesome! At first I was thinking it was sort of cheesy, but then Dave reminded me that Indiana Jones is very, awesomely cheesy. I really wish I would have saved that poster I had of Harrison Ford in my room for all those years. Sadly, I was not able to find a replica in 30 seconds of internet searching. OK, I searched for another 30 seconds. I don’t think this was it exactly, but it’s close.


4 thoughts on “>Dun de dun duh, Dun de DAH!

  1. molly

    >I know its been a long time since you lived at home but what room had a picture of Indiana Jones? The same room with the underpants?? Love,MOM

  2. Beth

    >It was right below the gigantic Patrick Swayze poster! Before it was Patrick Swayze, it was Duran Duran! (But Indiana Jones was always there) Oh so dreamy…

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