>Halfway There

>It’s Wednesday! Halfway through the week, halfway through Dave’s business trip to Dayton (miss you honey), but most importantly, halfway through my Deadwood fast. With Dave out of town, I’m not watching any episodes until his return (because I am nice). Attempts at work to strike up a conversation about Deadwood has led to dead ends. (And not because the show went off the air some time ago.) Conversations have gone like this: “never heard of it.” and “I like westerns as much as I like outer space”. Which, on the surface, seems to mean, “I’ve never experienced it, please tell me all about it, I bet it’s fascinating. But really, it means, stop talking to me about Deadwood. So it was very exciting to have this dinnertime discussion with Luke. (Names have been changed to protect the, the, well, innocent doesn’t seem quite right.)
Luke: Montgomery said he has seen every movie.
Me: Really?
Luke: Yes, Montgomery said he has seen Return to the Jedi. And I asked him if he had seen the Pod Races and he said, “Yup!” and I asked him if he had seen the Clone Wars and he said, “Yup.” and I asked him if he had seen some other movies and he said, “Yup.”
Me: Well, sounds like he has seem a lot of movies.
Luke: Then I asked him if he had seen Deadwood and he said, “Yup. There’s a giant in it.” Is there a giant in Deadwood?
Me: Nope, no giant. And I guarantee you that Montgomery has not seen Deadwood.

So yea! I got to discuss Deadwood. AND I was able finally prove that Montgomery makes up stories. This has been a battle since Luke’s first loose tooth, when Montgomery said, “Oh. I have 10 loose teeth.” And “The tooth fairy isn’t real.” Darn that Montgomery!!!


2 thoughts on “>Halfway There

  1. bjberger

    >Sounds like Deadwood might be the media methadone I’ve been looking for to get through my impending Sopranos withdrawal (halfway through the sixth and final season, you see).Ben has a friend like Montgomery: the world’s foremost authority on Star Wars and superheroes and yet so frequently wrong, wrong, wrong. Ben: Logan says Batman is Superman’s father. Me: I think Logan is mistaken.Ben: No he’s not. Batman is Superman’s father.Me: Who are you going to believe, Logan or your own father?Ben: Logan.

  2. Meta Megan

    >Logan and Montgomery would make an interesting pair.And we recently finished the last of the Sopranos too, but I would refer to Deadwood as opium or laudanum just to use the parlance of the times.

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