>Rolling, Rolling, Rolling Part 2

>Tuesday the daycare poured out a bottle of Jack’s milk because they tried feeding it to him and he fell asleep. When he woke up the milk had expired. I have milk issues people! You can’t just feed the milk to other babies or pour it down the sink! I furiously turned to the internets for backup, but the internets seem to think that the milk needed to be poured out or else it would be spoiled. This never happened when Dave stayed home with Luke! Oh, yeah, he probably did not concern himself with milk storage guidelines and that was fine with everyone.

I left work at 3:15 to nurse Jack. Another baby was being fed when I got there, and I kid you not, the bottle had 10 ounces in it. I struggle to eek out three 4.5-5.5 ounce bottles a day. 10 ounces? Are you kidding me? It turns out there is this stuff called formula. All the babies drink it. All the babies except Jack that is, which may be why they don’t realize I’ll have a minor heart attack if they waste any milk. Long story short, I am awesome.

But the point is, after I fed Jack, the oldest kid in the infant room, who is anxiously awaiting a space in the toddler room, kept coming over and putting a big cube on Jack’s lap. Then Jack pushed it off, then the kid put it back and I realized: It’s time to start teaching this kid to play ball!

So, after dinner Jack sat on my lap, and Luke rolled us a ball. Jack picked it up, and threw it back. It was the greatest thing ever! Except when Luke got tired of rolling and felt the need to toss it so it landed exactly on Jack’s legs where he’d have an easy time picking it up. OK, that was fine, but when Luke missed it got a little worrisome. Luke was also constantly correcting my method of teaching Jack to roll a ball. I finally said, “Do you know how to roll a ball? Who do you think taught you? Yeah, that’s right, I did. I know how to teach someone to roll a ball. Do not question my methods.” Then when Jack spit out the pacifier in favor of gumming the ball, it was all over. You know, for someone who has had everything he ever wanted all to himself for 5 years, Luke isn’t that great about sharing his toys. Oh. Yeah. Got it. It’s only gonna get worse, kid.


3 thoughts on “>Rolling, Rolling, Rolling Part 2

  1. Anonymous

    >Megan- I was always so diligent about my breastmilk (in using it and not wasting it, I mean) and I’ve broken every storage rule in the book about breastmilk, to ensure that my kids drank every last drop. You don’t even want to hear the stuff I’ve done. So far, none of my kids seem worse for the wear – let’s hope it stays that way! After all, as my sister calls it, its Liquid Gold.Ellie

  2. Laura M

    >I’m with you! Somebody at our Music Together class was feeding their 4 week old a 10 (ten!) oz bottle of formula last week. I about keeled over in disbelief. Was she showing off or what? There’s no way a 4 wk old’s stomach can hold that. Caroline was on formula from age 4.5 mos to 14 mos and she NEVER had a 10 oz bottle! Needless to say, I’m not currently pumping 10 oz per session.

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