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I Want You! To Enjoy These Fireworks.

The imagination fireworks were tolerable on July 4th because we has already seen a great fireworks show on the 2nd.  We were driving around Silverthorne and we passed a sign that said, “Never Forget.”  Sort of vague, huh?  We wondered what we weren’t supposed to forget.   The Declaration of Independence? The Revolutionary Way? 9/11?  Pearl Harbor, The Alamo?  I read an article later in the day that said the fireworks display was a tribute to The Troops, about whom we should never forget.    That’s an especially good reminder for me, because I ran into one soldier in particular this past weekend who said, “I’m still waiting for those cookies.”  Oops!  (Disclaimer:  I support the troops.)

First we were going to try to see the fireworks from our campsite, then we briefly considered going with friends to their friend’s house, but then we remembered we had the dog, and the bikes, and maybe no locks, so we went back to plan A.  But the kids thought they were going to miss the show and everyone was stressed out and crying when we just decided to drive right down into the middle of the Support the Troops celebration, and park ourselves and our crazy dog on a blanket by Lake Dillon.   Actually we sat on half the blanket, with Luke on Dave’s lap and Jack on mine, and the blanket folded over us.  Because it was dark, and freezing, and windy.   And Lucy is crazy, so we found a spot way off to the side, not even facing the direction where all the rest of the people were.  There was even a stand of trees in between us and the 4th of July Never Forget Celebration, so we figured the fireworks would be on the other side of the trees.  So we snuggled, and we watched the boats and we waited for the fireworks to start.   We didn’t know how Lucy would react since last year the fireworks were rained out, but BOOM, all of a sudden the show started, and we had the prime viewing spot.  And then it was SWARM, SWARM!  We were suddenly surrounded on all sides by people rushing to the prime spot to get the best view.  Turns out, Lucy does not like fireworks, and she started shaking, so we squished her body between Dave and I, and her head between Luke and Dave.  No time to act ferocious to random dogs, too busy trembling.

At this point, the wind stopped, and I realized we’d get through the fireworks without Lucy causing a scene,and we had a good view, and everything was right in the world.  Except, I was sort of sitting on a stick, and the way Jack was leaning on me was sort of uncomfortable,  and I couldn’t straighten my back at all.  But we were all close and snuggly, and this was the sort of fireworks show that stands out.  Because the best way to enjoy fireworks, is to be constantly berated about how much you should be enjoying them.   It was really dark, and I could barely move my neck, so I didn’t get to see who was talking, but I was guessing it was a drunken lady, with a deep and commanding voice.  It went like this.


Crowd: Awkward silence.



Crowd:  Murmuring


Me: giggle


Random person in crowd:  We’re trying!


Me: Not me, I’m from Canada.


Dave: Is this going to be one of those stories we tell forever?


Luke: And China, where fireworks were invented.

And, scene.

Yes, the July 2nd fireworks show was one we will never forget.


Then and Now

As everyone knows, I love to stage the same photo over and over again. I was just going to say that I have that in common with my father in law, but then I realized, maybe I got the idea from him?


So here are a few pictures of Luke and Jack riding scooters with Grandad.

I think Luke was 3 here?

And maybe 4 here.


>It’s Almost Alice Cooper Time

>The countdown to the end of school is in full swing and we are all singing our favorite song: School’s Out. Last year Luke was a precious first grader, who loved his teacher, so he was very unhappy about blowing the school to pieces, and teacher’s dirty looks. Unfortunately, it’s such a catchy tune, that it’s really hard not to sing the refrain all morning before the last day of school. We tried to modify it a bit, but I can’t remember what we came up with and I am too lazy/multi-taskery to look and see if I blogged about this last year.

But now that Luke is a too cool for school second grader, going on third grader in 5 days, he started the whole thing with a little Alice Cooper sing along before bed. Or maybe I started it. Regardless, I was very interested to hear what he had to say after, “I’ll modify this song so it’s more appropriate for me.”

School’s out for summer.
School’s out for evah!
School’s been blown to pieces.
No more pencils
Lots more books

Sigh. I just love my little bookworm.

On that note, did I mention that I updated the list of books read? (See above re: too lazy to look at yesterday’s post.) Hopefully Luke and I will spend the whole summer reading, if I survive this weekend.

>Opening Day

>Today was opening day, and Coach Dave and his Mets were great! I didn’t get to take too many pictures, because my fingers were frozen. But I promise more as the season progresses, and the temperature rises above the point where people are getting their sleeping bags out of the car and huddling together for warmth. Dave was mentioning the other day, that I rarely blog about Luke, who can read, and knows about my blog, but I often blog about Jack. The thing is, Jack turned green today after… wait – this is about Luke. Luke is a great kid, who is easy going, easy to get along with, happy, smart, and fun. He’s fun to be around and I am proud of who he is. And I love when Jack does or says something ridiculous, and I can just look at Luke and see him rolling his eyes. Today during the tantrum of the millennium, Luke tried to make Jack laugh. Long story short, Luke is so great, he’s not great blog fodder. Plus, I get the distinct impression that he would not be happy if I made fun of him on my blog, by calling him by today’s nickname: Ankles. Who knew he would grow 3 inches since last summer? All I know is, if he were Jack he’d be saying, “Who has 2 thumbs and needs bigger cleats and longer baseball pants? This guy!”

>Origami Yoda

>A month or so ago, Luke spent an afternoon writing to authors of the books he was reading. One was to Tom Angleberger, the author of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. The letter was something like,

Dear Mr. Angleberger,

I really like The Strange Case of Origami Yoda because of all the details.


I said, “Do you care to elaborate on that?”
Luke said, “Nope.”
I said, “Because, if you really like details….”
Luke, “Please hand me an envelope.”

This week, a letter arrived for Luke. I said, “Luke, you got some mail.” Luke said, “Who is it from?” while barely turning his head away from his wii game. I sighed, because that sort of question makes me feel a tiny bit like Luke’s secretary, but I said, “I don’t know, the return address looks like a puzzle piece.”

He was across the room, shouting, “Remember when I wrote to the author of Origami Yoda!” and ripping open the envelope. It was pretty darn exciting.

We took a bunch of pictures of Luke with Origami Yoda on his finger, including this one, with my new photobooth app.

>Lemon Heads

>Luke tragically reported to Dave that he “had plenty of time to eat his lunch today. Because it all fell on the floor and had to be thrown away.” He was starving and traumatized from the experience. But upon further questioning, it turns out that only the apple fell on the floor, and that 8 people tried to open his lemonheads and no one could. And that I had forgotten to pack a tube of yogurt, and for some reason he didn’t drink any milk. When I was trying to get the story straight, I asked why he didn’t use the scissors I pack in his lunchbox (for the pesky tubes of yogurt) to open the lemonheads. He signed and said, “I’m only school-smart.”

In Jack news, I heard him saying, “Mama” in his room the other morning so I walked in there. He looked up from the stuffed animal in his arms and said, “Oh, I was just talking about you.” I thought that was pretty funny, so I was sharing the story with Luke and Dave at dinner that night and they were laughing. Jack said, “I wasn’t complaining about you! I was just talking about you.” Very reassuring.

>Knock Knock

>Luke has two books of knock knock jokes, and he frequently regales us with jokes. I always imagined there would be a time in our lives where the kids were obsessed with jokes and I was sort of annoyed and rolled my eyes all the time. But I pretty much laugh every time I hear a knock joke. So this phase is going much better than anticipated.

Dave picked up the book and told one to Luke:
Dave: Knock knock
Luke: Who’s there?
Dave: Tyrone
Luke: Tyrone who?
Dave: Tyrone shoe laces!

Immediately Jack had to retell it.
Jack: Knock knock
Luke: Who’s there?
Jack: Tyrome
Luke: Tyrone who?
Jack: Tyrome shoehandsomes.

His version is even better, but this one is my fave:
Jack: Knock knock
Luke: Who’s there
Jack: Joke-uh
Luke: Joke-uh who?
Jack: Joke-uh Jack.
Jack (with a sigh): I love that one.

>Rock, Paper, Scissors

>Luke said, “Um, Mama? Jack is playing rock, paper, scissors with himself in the mirror.”
I asked, “Who is winning?”
“Um. It’s a tie. But I heard him say, “OK, next time, I be rock and you be scissor. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! NO! I told you to be scissors!””



From 2010

You know I am a lazy writer when I start off a blog post by asking my husband, “What has Luke done lately that is cute or hilarious?” I mean, it’s bad enough that I mine my kids for material, but then I can’t even remember the latest and greatest bon mots? Yup. That’s how it is.

Oh, here is a hilarious thing my brother did when he was a kid! He and our cousin stuck suction cups to their foreheads. And do you know what happens when you stick a suction cup to your forehead? You get a suction cup shaped hickey. A nice, round target in the middle of your forehead. Rumor has it there is some irresistible force that attracts a suction cup to the forehead of young boys. Or not so young. I laughed and laughed when I went to a friend’s house in high school and two of the boys there had big round purplish bruises in the middle of their foreheads.

Because I am a wonderful and caring mom, I have warned Luke not to stick a suction cup to his forehead, but he didn’t listen. Poor kid. I had to grab the camera while I was re-warning him of the dangers. Next time I’ll make sure to take notes too.

From 2010