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You know I am a lazy writer when I start off a blog post by asking my husband, “What has Luke done lately that is cute or hilarious?” I mean, it’s bad enough that I mine my kids for material, but then I can’t even remember the latest and greatest bon mots? Yup. That’s how it is.

Oh, here is a hilarious thing my brother did when he was a kid! He and our cousin stuck suction cups to their foreheads. And do you know what happens when you stick a suction cup to your forehead? You get a suction cup shaped hickey. A nice, round target in the middle of your forehead. Rumor has it there is some irresistible force that attracts a suction cup to the forehead of young boys. Or not so young. I laughed and laughed when I went to a friend’s house in high school and two of the boys there had big round purplish bruises in the middle of their foreheads.

Because I am a wonderful and caring mom, I have warned Luke not to stick a suction cup to his forehead, but he didn’t listen. Poor kid. I had to grab the camera while I was re-warning him of the dangers. Next time I’ll make sure to take notes too.

From 2010

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