>Lemon Heads

>Luke tragically reported to Dave that he “had plenty of time to eat his lunch today. Because it all fell on the floor and had to be thrown away.” He was starving and traumatized from the experience. But upon further questioning, it turns out that only the apple fell on the floor, and that 8 people tried to open his lemonheads and no one could. And that I had forgotten to pack a tube of yogurt, and for some reason he didn’t drink any milk. When I was trying to get the story straight, I asked why he didn’t use the scissors I pack in his lunchbox (for the pesky tubes of yogurt) to open the lemonheads. He signed and said, “I’m only school-smart.”

In Jack news, I heard him saying, “Mama” in his room the other morning so I walked in there. He looked up from the stuffed animal in his arms and said, “Oh, I was just talking about you.” I thought that was pretty funny, so I was sharing the story with Luke and Dave at dinner that night and they were laughing. Jack said, “I wasn’t complaining about you! I was just talking about you.” Very reassuring.