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When we were in Ouray this summer, I was sad to see the hood of our van propped up, and Dave and Grandad peering inside. What is worse that car trouble on vacation? But it wasn’t a mechanical problem. The problem was that there was a hummingbird trapped deep in the dashboard. And by “problem” I mean “horrifying situation.” They couldn’t get the bird out, so the only option was to let it… I can’t even say it. So what is the best way to take your mind off the fact that a hummingbird is going to die a terrible death in your dashboard? Why, going for a drive to a ghost town on an incredibly steep, winding, mountain roads with no guardrails.

On the way back, Dave was driving, Grandad was in the front seat and Grandmom, Luke and Jack were in the back seat. I was in the middle row, facing backwards, when the bird flew out of the dashboard. The look of horror and surprise on Grandmom, Luke, and Jack’s face was terrifying. I didn’t see the bird, and could only assume Dave was driving off a cliff and our lives were over. But it all lasted about 1 second before Grandad grabbed the bird and tossed it out the window. Dave never even swerved.


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    >Maybe being in the office is helping you focus! What men of steel those Elphingstones!I almost threw up looking at the picture!

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