Fancy Breakfast Friday: Olive Oil Muffins

I have soon-to-be-the-mother-of-a-high-schooler syndrome and it snowed on May 19th and we are all basically just over it.  “It” being everything.  Pause for eye roll.  This boring preamble is my excuse for forgetting to photograph these muffins last week.  I had just wow-ed everyone at dinner, and then immediately had to come up with a plan for breakfast, and I chose a muffin for which I had all the ingredients in my house already.

They were fine.  I called them “generic muffins” because I was afraid to say “Olive Oil Muffins” in case they would then be shunned.  I was definitely not telling anyone that they contained balsamic vinegar.  They were good, but I mean… eh. When would you serve these?  With dinner?   I’ll update if I ever make these again.  Looking forward to the lazy days of summer breakfasts.