Fancy Breakfast Friday: Eggs in a Cloud


True Confessions: I went away to Santa Fe with my high school friends last week and I didn’t even pre-cook a fancy breakfast for my poor children.  Left with nothing to blog about this week, I was excited to come across a new food fad.  I love fads. I had planned to make eggs florentine for dinner last night, but at the last minute I made eggs in a cloud instead and am passing it off as FBF.  It’s actually Fancy Breakfast For Dinner Thursday.

There are a million recipes out there; I used this one.  I cooked the eggs at 375 for 14 minutes and the yolk was mostly set, a tiny bit runny.  I put a little parmesan and bacon into the egg whites, but I didn’t want to stir it too much.  Everyone liked the eggs, they were fun.




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