Fancy Breakfast Friday: Date Bars


I started following Smitten Kitchen on Instagram lately, and I have been making a lot of her recipes as a result.  I think I was initially drawn to this one because it looked like chocolate in the middle.  I was wrong.  It’s filled with dates.  I made it anyway.

If I had to predict, I would have said Luke wouldn’t like it and Jack would love it.  Mostly based on the fact that Luke is slightly less into oats, and Jack would eat raw oats for every meal if I hadn’t recently read that raw oats aren’t that great for your *digestion*.  I was wrong about that too, Luke had seconds and Jack didn’t even finish his.

For once in my lifetime, I was making a recipe that called for an 8X8 pan, which is the size I have. (And the reason so many of my other 9×9 and 10×10 breakfast recipes can be challenging.)  So I’m not sure why I didn’t have nearly enough oat mixture to make a top and bottom layer.  I did the thinnest layer possible on the bottom and then added the date layer.  Then I added a giant handful of oats to the remaining oat mixture, and then I had just enough to cover the dates.  So I would definitely add more oats if I were to make this again. I probably won’t make it, because the leftovers were too crumbly to take in a snowboarding pocket, and I think they have just been languishing in the fridge.  Of course, I did also make a giant cake this week so maybe no one was desperate for a healthy dessert item when there was cake to be had.

I served the date bars with bacon and the whatever the kids wanted on the side.  Luke had an egg and Jack had… oatmeal.


9 thoughts on “Fancy Breakfast Friday: Date Bars

    1. metamegan Post author

      I am always on the search for a great homemade bar. But these are too crumbly to put in a pocket on a snowboarding day. The search continues.

    1. metamegan Post author

      I think they needed the dates to hold them together. I need to find a recipe for a bar that has chocolate in it though. Not sure I would have liked it warm due to the date component. They were very good at room temperature.

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