Fancy Breakfast Friday: Freezer Burn Smoothies


Last Friday kind of snuck up on me.  It had been a big week.  I made a giant birthday cake.  I sent Luke to school with donuts on a Tuesday and I was home from my second trip to the grocery store at 6:15 that morning because I had screwed up the gluten free option.  I bought a cookie that was right in the middle of all the gluten free options after reading, “no eggs, no soy, no dairy, no GMO, vegan”.  But Luke read the actual ingredients to me and sure enough, wheat was the first thing on there.  Long story short, I never came up with an idea for FBF.

So Friday morning I just had to dig through the freezer to see what was in there and what did I find?!?! Home grown, organic, garden strawberries from last summer.  They looked a little worse for the wear, but nothing a smoothie couldn’t solve.  It was about a cup of strawberries, and I also found about 4 frozen cherries in a bag as well from… sometime.

So I made a smoothie out of strawberries, cherries, a banana, about 1/4 cup of yogurt and a packet for vanilla Skoop protein powder.  Then I added enough milk to smooth it out.  Actually probably significantly less milk than I needed because it was very grainy from the fruit and the protein powder.  Jack loved it, but Luke’s more refined palate wasn’t thrilled. He drank it anyway.  I also made them a side dish – oatmeal for Jack and an egg for Luke.

I saved a tiny glass for myself and this photo op.



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    It looks good to me! I have been making yogurt (very creamy Greek style) in my Instant Pot and I am going to try a smoothie with it – hard to find good fruit this time of year though! Thank you, as always!

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