Fancy Breakfast Friday: Pumpkin Donut Holes


I read many a pumpkin donut recipe last week before I realized that I have neither a pumpkin shaped baking pan, nor the ability to fry things.  I don’t know why, but frying is not in my repertoire.  Actually, I do know – its because I grew up during the “fat is bad” years and I have a tendency to burn myself.  I leave the frying to Dave.  I do have a cake pop maker though, so I started looking for pumpkin cake pops.  I used this recipe from the cake pop maker website.   They were even better the next day, which is something I love in a breakfast recipe.

The best part was that I made these at the same time as my famous pumpkin cake, which I was taking to the teachers for their conference meal.  So I used all the same ingredients and managed to use a whole can of pumpkin since both recipes called for less than a can. Multi-tasking!

I served these with scrambled eggs.  Everyone loved them, and I was happy because Luke likes to talk about how he doesn’t like pumpkin.

How do you like my new mug? I bought it as a present to myself after 1 year of Fancy Breakfast Fridays.  I am still working on the year in review, but as Dave said, “there were enough duds that you don’t need to do 52 FBFs exactly a year later.”



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