Fancy Breakfast Friday: Bagels


I’d love to share this recipe, but it’s one of those recipes where I decided to half it and then only halved some of the ingredients and then tried to figure out why it was so dry or wet.  I also didn’t have bread flour and so I subbed a combo of all purpose flour and vital wheat gluten.  The last problem was that I don’t have a wide pan for boiling the bagels, so I could only do one at a time.  Of course I did two at a time, which I think is why they became somewhat misshapen.

img_1418HOWEVER, misshapen and flat, they were delicious.  Chewy, perfect on the outside and inside.   Dave said they were perfect, Luke wanted to know if they were easy enough that I could make them all the time.  Jack asked for oatmeal instead.  Coincidentally, Jack is grounded.

Not only did I make homemade bagels but I then turned them into bagel supremes – with a fried egg, cheese and a slice of bacon.  Stay tuned for round 2 where I figure out a repeatable recipe.



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