Fancy Breakfast Friday: Cinnamon Rolls


This later-in-the-morning blog post is brought to you courtesy of the first day of summer vacation!  But this post is about what we had for breakfast last Friday, and it was a delicious pan of cinnamon rolls.


I had to lead with the baseball picture, because the cinnamon rolls were devoured before I had a chance to take a lovely picture under better light.  And because last weekend included 9 baseball games.  I’m almost recovered, a week later.

For this recipe, I used this smitten kitchen recipe. I did the first rise on the counter and the second rise in the fridge.  I also used the same glaze I used for the donut holes a few weeks ago.   (1/4 cup melted butter, 1.5 cups powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon milk, in teaspoon vanilla.)  After it was sort of too late, I read in the recipe a link to a more tender recipe that could be adopted for cinnamon rolls.  I decided there was no harm in making the un-tender one and then, later making the newer recipe.  I also wondered, “Do my children have a sophisticated enough palate to notice when a pastry could be more tender?” The answer to that is yes.  Luke said, “The center is really good, but the outside seems a little hard.  Poor boy.  I’ve created a pastry aficionado.  Of course, this recipe made two pans, and the second pan was very hard the next day.  I left them un-iced and I warmed and iced them the second day.  Still delish. They basically tasted like a pastry you’d get in a coffee shop in Boulder.  I bet I could have kept them uncooked in the fridge an extra day, but we’ll never know.

And now, on to summer.  I wonder what breakfasts I’ll make.  I am feeling a conflict between having the time to make something fancier and feeling pretty lazy about the whole thing.





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  1. Laura

    interesting. I have made the occasional batch of hardshell cinnamon rolls but was too dumb to do anything about it. I hope you continue to make FBF so I can continue to be amazed.

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