Summer Reading!

Summer officially started for me as a kid when I got my pool pass and signed up for the summer reading program at the library.  I never had space to write in all the books I read, and I was always secretly sad that it was “for fun” and not something I could win.  What else is there to do in the summer besides reading books and swimming?  My kids start mountain bike practice today, so I guess new summer things have been invented since the 80s.

It’s easy to find a list of books to read over the summer, but what has been missing from my life is the library brochure, where I can check things off, or color things in, and basically feel like I am really getting the most of of my summer and my reading.  I hinted last summer at the library that they needed an Adult Summer Reading program, and I found a sympathetic librarian, but nothing has materialized yet so I had to take matters into my own hands.

I present to you, the MetaMegan summer reading program!

Click here for the PDF:  MetaMeganSummerReading2016

This is a list of fun things to do in the summer, paired with book recommendations.

Today is the day after Memorial Day, so put on your white pants, print this out, take it to the library and start reading.  Feel free to color in the bubbles once you have crossed a book or an activity off your list. Join the occasional MetaMegan book club discussions to share thoughts and recommendations.

Happy Summer Reading!




4 thoughts on “Summer Reading!

  1. Linda

    Meg – thank you for this. I already spent two addictive days with Elizabeth Brundage’s book and it was not even raining! THAT is a good book!

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