Fancy Breakfast Friday: Donut Holes


I once thought I would be really into cake pops but after my first cake pop adventure, I realized that well… cake decorating is not really my forte.  (If I had been brave enough to post about my Lamb Cake #fail I would link to it now.  Side note – my lamb cake from two years ago was amazing.)  I didn’t come to the cake pop realization though, until after I had asked for a cake pop maker for Christmas so I needed a plan B for this appliance.

Donut holes are the answer… to so many questions… but in this case, donut holes are the answer to “What should I do with my cake pop maker.”)

I spent about an hour on Pinterest trying to find the perfect recipe, only to finally read this piece of advice: Just use the recipes that come with the cake pop maker.   This is good advice.

I made the chocolate and I did a half version of the vanilla recipe.  I also made the recipe for vanilla glaze.  I glazed some, used some sprinkles, did some powdered sugar and got about 4.5 dozen make in the hour before the boys got up.   The cake pop maker makes 13 at a time, and it takes 4-5 minutes per batch.  To make sure I had enough time in the morning, I mixed the dry ingredients the night before.

The boys were excited, and said it was the best Fancy Breakfast Friday ever, which they say about half the time.  Dave said the chocolate version was a little dry, so I might try again and cook for a slightly shorter time.  I served this with another Skoop smoothie for a side of protein.




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  1. laura

    Amazing as always. The Sticky Fingers cooking thing they have at Elementary school uses the cake pop maker a lot. They put their recipes online. I might have to try it.

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