>Speaking of Sewing Projects

>I haven’t quit gotten around to making a dog bed, since all my energy for 2 days was focused on making a sleeping bag. Here is Lucy on the fabric and pillow that I purchased in January:

Long story short, she mostly ate that bed because I had never sewn it up. Or because she’s a puppy. Thus began my long quest to find a cute dog bed. The thing is… most of the beds I had seen at Petco, Petsmart, Target, Costco, and the vast internet were, well, ugly. And even if I could convince myself to spend a lot of money on an expensive, but fabulous and modern dog bed, yeah, I’m not gonna do that. And those weren’t exactly the cutest things ever. THEN I read that Martha Stewart is designing dog accessories for Petsmart. The cupcake was hard to resist. The robe, even harder. But the beds… Ugh. I mean, it was a beautiful color, and it looked delux. But I don’t want to spend $45 on something that is going to get covered in dog hair. Don’t get me wrong, if it came in Martha’s minty green color, it would have been a different story.

Then I found an adorable bed for $14.99. Lucy loves it. See?


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