>Take Me Out To The Ball Game

>So, Spring baseball was sometimes a bit much. With Dave coaching, and Luke playing, and Jack needing someone to watch him closely, and a new puppy, well, we didn’t eat a lot of well planned, nutritious meals at the dinner table. Let’s just say, books were flying off the top of the car more often than not.

Summer ball though… I heard a lot about how it was so much more low key. Oh! They only place once a week? No, twice. Oh, there are no practices before the games? Well, actually, there are. I couldn’t figure out how it could be more low key. But I suppose being out of school, and long days, warm weather, and general baseballness in the air has made it pretty fun. In fact, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” has replaced “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” as Jack’s lullaby of choice.

I heard Aunt Suzy was requesting a baseball video, and I took one, but Luke didn’t hit the ball until his fifth or so pitch, so I wanted a better one. I walked over to find a good spot to video tape and I wondered… Start and stop between every pitch? Do 3 pitches at a time? Zoom in or stay zoomed out? So many things to think about, that before I knew it, Luke had hit the first pitch and was running to first base and I missed it. I was more prepared for his second at bat.


5 thoughts on “>Take Me Out To The Ball Game

  1. jack

    >Aaahhhh, baseball, apple pie …. Luke has a nice level swing. Keep practicing that swing, Luke. By the way, don't look at the ball when you're running to first, let the coach watch it.

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