>Jack: Bye Mommy
Me: Bye Jack
Jack: Love you.
Me: Love you too.
Jack: Thanks for coming over to visit.
Me: I live here.

I think Jack got stuck in his “saying goodbye to Grandmom and Grandad” loop.


We met Luke, Grandmom and Grandad at Dave’s softball double header last night. Apparently, on the way there, Luke said to Grandmom, “Grandmom, just so you know, some of my friends will be there, so I will be playing with them.” I guess the phase before you pretend you don’t know your relatives is the phase where you give your relatives a heads up that you’ll be ditching them for your friends.


And one more quote from a softball fan in the stands after Dave struck somebody out, “Woohoo! Nolan Ryan! Bringing the heat!”


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