>No One Wants To Hear About Your Little Genius

I doubt someone who blogged all the time about their little genius would have a large following outside of the grandparent contingent. I don’t blog about how my kids are little geniuses for that reason, and because I have a really hard time spelling genius. I really want to spell it like this: genious. But I do have to share these two little stories about how my darling, precocious two year old can read and spell.

Last week, I was changing Jack’s diaper after the usual exchange:

Jack (apropo of nothing): Momma, I’m fine.
Me: What?
Jack: I’m fine.
Me: What does that mean? You just pooped?
Jack: NO! I’M FINE!
Luke: He just said he was pooping a few minutes ago.
Jack: I’m just wet! I don’t need a diaper change.

So off we went to change his diaper, and Jack said: I pooped. P-o-p. Poop.

Yeah, I get that he spelled it wrong, but it’s pretty close right? He isn’t even two and a half! Little potty-mouthed genius.

AND – we went to my favorite place to take the kids that makes them really happy and doesn’t involve me putting on a bathing suit. Yes, Chuck E Cheese. (Or Chuckie Cheese, as Luke still insists on calling it.)

Dave worked about 20 hours straight, and fell asleep around 5am last Saturday. The boys woke up at 6:30. By 8:45 we really needed to get out of the house so I said, “I am taking you somewhere as a surprise. So get your shoes on.”
Luke: Can we guess?
Me: Yes
Luke: But don’t tell us if we guess right.
Me: Ok, I’ll just say, “Interesting suggestion”
Luke: But make sure to say that after every suggestion. Because if you just say, “No, No, No, No, Interesting suggestion” then we will know if we guessed right.
Me:…. OK

ANYWAY – You have to pass Chuck E Cheese and drive all the way around before you get there, and as we drove past, Jack said, “Hmm. Chuck E Cheese’s.”
Me: Can you read? Interesting suggestion.
Luke: He can either read or he can read minds because I was just thinking “Chuck E Cheese” right when he said it.

So, long story short, Jack can almost spell poop, and he can read Chuck E Cheese. If that doesn’t make him a genius, then I don’t even know what a genius is.

And if you are even thinking he recognized it from the mascot, let me share this detail. When he saw the singing and dancing Chuck E Cheese inside, he said, “Stomper!” And here is where I wish I could link to the hilarious story of how last August Jack was scared of/drawn to the mouse/rat mascot of the Lake Erie Crushers: Stomper. But I never got around to blogging about that. Trust me it was a good story.

When we got home from our adventure, Dave was awake, and Jack ran up to him and said, “We saw Stomper!”

So smart, that one.


3 thoughts on “>No One Wants To Hear About Your Little Genius

  1. Aurora Sisneros

    >I just snorted my morning coffee out my nose. GREAT story!!!I once spelled genius 'genus' in a chat session with Simon, which is, of course, an entirely DIFFERENT word. So now when I do something totally dumb, like stir the heck out of the gravy, and wonder why its not simmering yet (since I didn't turn the BURNER ON), he calls me a 'genus'.

  2. jack

    >Just today, we were talking of getting tickets for a Crushers' game since they have absolutely great fireworks on Friday nights. I said that I wanted to get Jack a Crushers' shirt if it had Stomper on it and then wondered if he'd remember Stomper. Guess I forgot he's a genious. (Misspelling intended)

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