>At The Park With Jack

>The other day, Jack and I walked to the park with Lucy. It was an epic adventure to say the least.

Notable quotes:

About the old Indian lady walking by in a sari: “Is that a princess?”

About the giant white dog with big pointy ears: “A BUNNY!”

When he was looking for the robin we had seen on the way to the park: “WHERE ARE YOU, ROBIN BIRDIE?”

There we a bunch of tiny cones in the grass at the park, perhaps leftover from the middle school gym class that I sometimes see there. One of the cones was laying on it’s side. Jack said, “I don’t like that cone layin’ on it’s side.” I told him he could go and fix it and he was very happy to do so.

The day before, Jack was repeatedly yelling about how he wanted something. Ice cream, maybe? We were in the car on the way home from work/school so after I told him he could have ice cream after dinner, I just started ignoring his yelling. After a while, he stopped, took a deep breath and said, “I feel impatient.”

So when the yelling started the next day on the way home…
Me: Are you feeling impatient?
Me: Angry?
Jack: No
Me: Crabby?
Jack: Yes.

Oh, and here is a Luke quote for you.
Dave and I were discussing the Grand Canyon, and I said I didn’t want to go there until everyone was at least 12 or something because I was afraid of someone falling to their death. Dave said we wouldn’t have to worry about that if we all rode mules, and that Jack was old enough to ride a mule. I disagreed, since I had seen him fall of a tricycle twice the day before. Luke said, “Why can’t Jack ride a jack ass?”


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