>Neti – Reprise

>Neti tip #1: You can greatly reduce the chances of pouring salt water down your throat by way of your nose, if you don’t try to see what you look like in the mirror while using a neti pot. Know that it looks really weird, and just keep your head down! (So I have read.)

Another advantage to the Neti pot is this: Threatening your children. Any complaints about any ailments and I just say, “You know what might help that? The neti pot. Want me to try it on you?” Last time I hear that complaint for a while!.

Oh, and I added another verse to my song. I think it will be the last, because I am ready to get this song out of my head. Because I was really missing singing “Down down baby, Elmo do karate.”

Oh Neti, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Neti!
Oh Neti, you’re so gross, you’re so gross you blow my nose! Hey Neti!
Oh Neti, hit the spot, clean my nose and drain my snot!

Hey Neti, Hey hey hey Neti!

This cold has been around all month, and that’s a little long
Boogers, mucus, snot, now you’re in my song!
I’m miserable all right, this cold has done me wrong!
I want to sleep at night, so help me clear my nose, Neti!

Cause now the mucus spills, though skeptics say it won’t
My cold gives me the chills, baby please, baby don’t
Every night you still, leave me booger free, Neti!

Oh Neti, what a pity, I don’t understand
Which way to hold my head with the Neti in my hand.


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