>Happy Thanksgiving!

>Even when I am cleaning up throw up in the hours before Thanksgiving morning, I feel thankful for my wonderful life and happy family, and the health that we enjoy most of the time.

And when my baby only wants mommy, I am so thankful that Grandmom and Grandad are here to flip pancakes.

And when I can’t figure out what is wrong with the pumpkin cake, I am thankful that I discovered that I forgot the flour when the cake was only in the oven for a minute.

I am lucky, lucky, lucky! (I am not being sarcastic even a little!)


2 thoughts on “>Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Anonymous

    >'WE' are also blessed. Being with the Boulder family at Thanksgiving and getting two days at Eldora with prospects of two more is awesome to quote Ambrose. Also, a wonderful dinner. Jack is showing signs of improving, hopefully only a 24 hr virus.WE (Grandad and Grandmom)

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