>Oh Neti, You’re so Fine, You’re so Fine You Blow My Mind


Hey Neti, hey hey hey Neti!

Yes, I am known to seek alternative medicine at the acupuncturist office, and at the chiropractor and I will drink some nasty tea, and burn moxa, and whatever else, and I have had a lot of success with those doctors. But when they both mentioned I should get a neti pot for my sinus issues, I said politely, “Eww, no way, that’s kuckoo.”

But now that I have seen a neti pot on both Oprah and Martha Stewart, well, I changed my tune. And by that I mean, I continued singing the same tune that went like this, “Maybe I should get a neti pot, even though the whole concept is disgusting.” Except that sort of as a joke, I wrote “neti pot” on the list that Dave took to Target last Sunday. And he bought one! Not a sleek, modern teapot style neti pot that would look beautiful in my bathroom when I don’t have it stuck in my nose, but a sort of dorky plastic (see photo). It’s of the short and stout line of neti pots.

So, the Neti! It’s the best! And I am not even going to go on and on and on about snot and boogers, because I think I’ll save that for a later post.

Here is where I insert my hilarious rendition of Mickey, except with lyrics about my neti pot and mucus. Except, it’s late and I am working on my ORA-30926 problem, and doing point in time recoveries, blah! On the other hand, while I work on that, I might come up with a few phrases here and there***:

Oh Neti, You’re so Fine, You’re so Fine You Blow My Mind!
Oh Neti, You’re so gross, You’re so gross You Blow My Nose!
Oh Neti, Hit the Spot, Clean my nose and drain my snot!

Cause now the mucus spills, though skeptics say it won’t
My cold gives me the chills, baby please, baby don’t
Every night you still, leave me booger free, Neti!

Oh Neti, what a pity, I don’t understand
Which way to hold my head with the Neti in my hand.

*** Work in progress


7 thoughts on “>Oh Neti, You’re so Fine, You’re so Fine You Blow My Mind

  1. molly

    >That's the cutest neti pot I've seen. Quite a testamonial! Looking forward to more details. Your father refuses to consider one! Must be the yuck factor!

  2. trainstar

    >I found that a neti pot is only second antibiotics in clearing up a sinus infection. It also a big help during allergy season. Once you use it for a while, the yuck factor goes down a lot.

  3. Family of Weebles

    >OMG!! I am dying here! Bill bought that same exact neti pot two or three days ago. The first time he used it, he said it was WONDERFUL!! I can't get over the gross factor yet, but he has been using it for a few days and it makes him feel way better!

  4. Laura

    >I've never heard of it. I thought you were writing an ad post until I read it. Glad if it helps you. Even if it doesn't, you've got the song! Happy IComWeLeave.

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