>The World’s Saddest Vacation Picture

>Poor, poor, poor Dave. Working through his vacation. And by that I mean, my vacation. And by, “poor Dave” I mean, “poor me.”
Jack was just about as much fun as his daddy. But he’s a baby, so it’s OK.

At least Grandmom and Luke were having a good time. I entertained myself by taking pictures of my foot.

In a nutshell, Dave works too much, and I am not only saying that because his business trip, for which he left at 2:00 pm on LABOR DAY has been extended another day. OK, I sound annoyed but really, I came up with the subject of this post when I was thinking about how awesome it is that I filled up Dave’s netflix queue with the first season of Gossip Girl and I can watch it without any sarcastic “XOXO’s” from the office where Dave would normally be working while I watch TV. (Love you, honey!) It’s sort of hard to come up with exactly the right intro for a post about Gossip Girl though. I suppose I could have segued somehow from Sparkly Vampires right into Gossip Girl. Too late now. I need to power through the GG marathon and get this DVD back in the mail before Dave gets home. You may be wondering why I didn’t just put GG in my own netflix queue. And for that I have one word. And that word is Twilight. Boo yeah. Did I mention that I put Sleeping Beauty in Luke’s queue? Netflix trifecta.

And now I fight the urge to explain that I am watching/reading all this pop culture trash ironically. I am really an intellectual. For reals.



3 thoughts on “>The World’s Saddest Vacation Picture

  1. Family of Weebles

    >You actually have separate Netflix queues? We only have a shared one in this household. We love Netflix by the way. Hey, do you have HBO and are you watching True Blood? Good show and better books.

  2. Laura M

    >Lovin' it. Jack is a trooper to stay asleep after you put the pack down. I will tackle GG next. I just put 'How I met your mother, season 1' in my queue due to my new interest in Jason Segal. That young man is so talented!

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