>The Apple and the Tree

>Luke was happy to sit in the car cart at the grocery store with Jack last week, possibly because he could read while I was shopping. We went out to breakfast on Sunday and he started reading as soon as he finished his pancakes. And then Luke wanted to leave his bike in the bike rack and ride home in the trailer so he didn’t have to put his book down. Ahhh, Luke, you remind me of myself. Of course, I was much, much older when I picked up a book and didn’t look up for 7 years until I got my driver’s license.

Yes, we have entered the world of chapter books, and it is very exciting.


4 thoughts on “>The Apple and the Tree

  1. dinkswithkids

    >Speaking of very exciting….did you happen to find Twilight, Volume 2? I finished #1 in 30 hours or so. LOVED IT. And good for Luke on the reading….life long love!

  2. Meta Megan

    >Luke has been reading a lot of Magic Treehouse, but I don't think he has and faves since he really just started reading chapter books on his own this week.And D.W.K. – You are on your own for book 2, but I have 3 and 4.

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