>Books Read

>I can’t just talk about Sparkly Vampires all the time, especially when I am reading a lot of other good stuff too… I did seriously read The Color Purple in between Sparkly I and Sparkly II. So I updated my list of books that I can remember reading in 2009. And by “remember” I mean “look up on my library record, and see on my bookshelf, and maybe remember lending out/giving away.”

I didn’t rank the books this time because I am lazy, but I can make recommendations. Also, I have this to say about Sparkly IV: It is 700 pages. I finished it about 27 hours after it arrived at my house in the mail. Before I opened the cover, I said, “Good bye family.” When I was done, I said, “I just finished my book.” And Dave said, “I can tell because you are talking to me.”

Once I got the new list posted, I noticed that my recent series of videos is sort of blobbing over into that side panel. Then I thought about trying to fix that, but then I realized that it’s 1:29 am and if the technology gods had been smiling on me, I would have been in bed a few hours ago.