>Deep Thoughts

>It’s possible that I could come up with a very moving and thoughtful post about life, death, denial, acceptance, optimism, regret, sorrow. But instead, I have this thought to share: Doesn’t that seem like a really big straw to go with an iced coffee?


6 thoughts on “>Deep Thoughts

  1. molly

    >I have to ask, is that your desk at work?? If so, I hope you aren't there…It is a strikingly compelling photo however,,,The boys are so cute!

  2. Meta Megan

    >Dave has done a good job keeping up with the house, and I couldn't stop myself from doing some straightening here and there. I don't like to convalesce in a messy house. And that is my desk at work – but I took the picture a few weeks ago. My phone is full of pictures of my couch, taken by Jack, so I was trying to clear out some room for new pictures.

  3. JCH

    >A straw like that isnt too big until you arent paying attention and it goes either A)up your nose or B)in your eye.

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