>Only One Shopping Day Left…

>The 19th of July is only one short day away. In case you needed a reminder. And I think I am going to do my comments contest again. Comment on any post between today and the end of July and you’ll be entered into my comments contest. I’ll pick one random commenter to win, and the prize is to be determined. Probably something lame. Maybe not though! Last year, commenter JEJ won a gift certificate to her local independent book store.

A few weeks ago, my friend Laura and I were discussing the merits of sending your children back to daycare as soon as they had been on antibiotics for 24 hours. I’m for it, but she was feeling guilty for not indulging her sick children more. I said, “As someone who was babied as a sick child, I can tell you it doesn’t work out well in adulthood. Once your mom has left you with a little china bell to ring whenever you need something, you can expect that any sickness you suffer as an adult is going to be that much worse since no one is waiting on you,” Laura said, “A CHINA BELL??? I feel like I have the rosetta stone to MetaMegan. And a great idea for a 19th of July present.”

And little did she know how appropriate a present it would turn out to be! Of course, I take back everything I said about no one waiting on me, Dave has been the best, he is taking great care of me. And with the combination of 19th of July presents and care packages, I might have a very nice 19th of July after all.

In other news, the tooth fairy forgot to come last night. I hope the tooth fairy didn’t also have emergency laproscopic surgery last week! That would be awful. I think, if I can put Twilight down, that I might try to sew a tooth pillow today as I convalesce. We’ll see.


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  1. Anonymous

    >Consider this my entry in the contest. Just wanted to point out that the chocolate covered pretzels for the 19th of July were my idea…..(No pressure). You can bring my present next week.Anonymous Dad

  2. Anonymous

    >I have by far the best entry, but because it is done anomymously you won't know where to send the prize. Hence, I will keep the my comment amd to enjoy.And, as WCF would say "if in only hurts in a few places when you laugh, stay out of those places".

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