>File Under TMI

>I’m thinking of starting a new category of blog posts that I will label TMI. Maybe not, depending on how this one is received… But I have exciting news! Jack peed on a tree this weekend while we were camping! He saw Luke do it, and then several times over the course of the weekend he said, “Potty. Tree. Pee.” After it stopped seeming like a fluke, and started seeming like he was peeing after he said that (we could tell from the far away look in his eye) we started to try to rip off his diaper and give him an opportunity to pee on a tree. And he did it once! I think this is major news on the potty training front. It is a very, very exciting development.


5 thoughts on “>File Under TMI

  1. John

    >Excellent news, the only thing left is being able to make machine gun/farting noises, and he will be a full fledged toddler.

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