>Yes Ma’am

>Luke is a very busy boy this summer. His camp packs more fun into a week then I could probably provide all summer. And in addition to a daily (awesome) field trip, he also has two swimming lessons a week and a soccer practice and a game. And we bike to camp almost every day, and that bike ride is 1.5 miles straight up hill. It’s serious. The first time we did it, I allocated 20 minutes for the 1.5 miles up hill and 20 minutes for the 6 miles downhill to work. I was sad when we got to camp 35 minutes later after much crying and gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair. (But I made it to work in 18 minutes!) The next day I brought a water bottle and a fruit twist for Luke to eat if we got to the top with out any complaining. We got there in 20 minutes with no stopping. Since then, I have forgotten the snack twice and we have had some complaining here and there.

Here is an excerpt from our conversation on the way there yesterday:
Luke: (After going really fast for a while) I need to stop and push my bike.
Me: Well, what you need to do is focus on pacing yourself. Pacing yourself means regulating the speed at which you are traveling, so you find a speed that you can keep up for a long period of
Megan: You know, when I am talking, and you already know what I am saying, a polite way to respond is “Yes Ma’am.” That way you communicate to me that you know what I am saying, and you get me to stop talking. But you do in a way that makes me think you are polite and then we are both happy.
Luke: (Silence)
**Time Passes**
Luke: This hill is really hard.
Me: When I have a bike ride that I do a lot that I find challenging, I like to break it up into sections in my mind. Then I can feel a sense of accomplishment after each section. For instance, I’d break this ride into 4 sections, one for each hill. The first section would start at our house and end
Luke: Yes Ma’am.

And then, interestingly, we had this conversation at dinner tonight:

Luke: Why do people get divorced?
Me: Some people are much happier when they live apart.
Luke: But you and Daddy aren’t going to get divorced?
Me: No
Dave: No, I would never be able to find anything if I couldn’t ask your mother where it is.
Me: Daddy and I love each other very much and we
Luke: Yes Ma’am.


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  1. Family of Weebles

    >I'm still stuck on the babies and death questions. Haven't gotten to divorce yet. Curtis saw a little clip of the Caylee Anthony case on tv this morning and asked me if little kids die. UGH!

  2. Beth

    >yes ma'am! hahahaha! Although we've had the death question here a ton, thanks to Disney always killing off the moms. Thanks Disney!

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