>Locks of Love

I got 10 inches of hair cut off yesterday to donate to Locks of Love. My hair looked really, really cute yesterday. Today it looks pretty cute, but a little mashed down from sleeping on it. Tomorrow… well, we’ll see how it looks tomorrow.

No offense to Dave’s phone, but the phone camera is not as good as my old camera that fell in the sand and was never the same again. But here is the after picture:


6 thoughts on “>Locks of Love

  1. Anonymous

    >Laura is right. It does look like the transporter beam is about to lock on in the after picture. Don't worry, there is very little intelligent life here, Scotty.

  2. Krista

    >Megan! You told me you were doing it, but I haven't seen you since we didn't see you on the last camping adventure! Looks great!!! Wow- my turn next?!! Good for you!

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