>Using Your Words

>When Luke started to talk he could say his L’s but for some reason, he had trouble with “Luke”. In fact, I think his Grandmom was really surprised one time when he said, “I’m Nuke!” I think there is a fine line with new talkers regarding when to correct and when to just use proper pronounciation yourself and hope they learn from example. But on the day I decided to work on changing Nuke to Luke, we had this conversation:

Me: Luke, repeat after me, OK?
Me: La la la la la.
Luke: La la la la la.
Me: La la la la Luke.
Luke: La la la la Mommy.

He has a sense of humor, that one.

The other one… he is in a very impatient phase. He just goes from zero to shrieking in 2 seconds, so I had to trot out that so very new millennium expression, “Use your words.”

Me: Use your words, Jack.
Me: Do you want some more, Jack?
Jack: More, Jack!

We have been calling Luke “Bubba” since Jack was born and Luke decided this week that he doesn’t like it anymore. Which is too bad, because every morning after Jack has seen me and Dave, he calls out a cute little, “Bubba.. Buuuuuuuhbaaaaaaaa” until Luke makes an appearance. So this morning, Dave said, “Jack. Say La la la la Luke.”
And a video would be more appropriate for showing Jack’s reply, but if you couldn’t tell by the declining qualities of my photos since our return from Mexico, my camera is broken.
So imagine Jack saying the following with his tongue sticking way out of his mouth:

La la la la Uke.


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  1. Anonymous

    >How cute! We are definitely in the Shrieking Stage here as well with Wesley. I'm constantly saying "Use your words" to which his response is almost always "Please!". Typical guy only speaking when he wants something!

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