>Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot Pie!

>Luke hates chicken pot pie, but Dave and I love it. Mmm. Chicken pot pie. Whenever we grill a beer butt chicken, I take all the leftovers, and mix them in with chicken gravy and frozen vegetables, and freeze the whole thing for later in an 8×8 pan. Then I take half of this chicken pot pie topping and put it on top of my defrosted pan of leftovers. Mmmm. Chicken pot pie. It’s so good. Well, the last time it wasn’t so good because I kind of tried to improvise the gravy out of chicken stock and chicken. And not much else. And it was sort of yucky. But that is just one time. One tiny little mistake. And really, I have made delicious versions on many, many occasions. And Luke has hated them all. We pretty much always threaten to send him to bed without dinner every time I make it because of his attitude. The rule is, no complaining about my meals unless I say, “How did you like it?” He knows the rules.

So when I got home from work today, Luke was sulking in the back yard because he hates chicken pot pie. Then he came into the kitchen.

Luke: What’s for dinner?
Me: Chicken Pot Pie.
Luke: I HATE chicken pot pie!
Dave: Do you want to go to your room without any dinner?

And that is when I pulled an awesome parenting trick out of my hat, and asked him to help me make the pie crust. He chopped butter, he pulsed the food processor, he rolled out the dough, he brushed it with egg wash and he cut the little slits in it.

And then, at dinner, he ate every last bite.

And yet…

I couldn’t help but be annoyed by his many comments along these lines:
-Wow – this is the best chicken pot pie I have ever had.
-It’s weird, because this time, I am eating the whole thing and I have never done that before.
-I wonder what is just so different about this chicken pot pie that makes it so delicious.

OK, I get it! Your pie crust is awesome. Don’t eat so much, I want leftovers.


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