>If That Doesn’t Work, Try Throwing Me Down The Stairs

>At least a year or so ago, Luke’s friends saw an America’s Funniest Home Videos episode about different ways to get that loose tooth out of your mouth, and they have been dying for a chance to try some of them out. And that is how Luke came to have one end of a string tied around his tooth and the other end tied to a hippity hop.

From May2009

Dave and I both find loose teeth to be sort of disgusting, so we had to leave all the string tying to our good friend.

From May2009

The plan was to throw the hippity hop down the stairs to the basement. It didn’t work, but between you and me, I think Luke was pushing the string off his tooth with his tongue at the last second. I came to that conclusion because in the video, you can hear, “You are pushing the string off your tooth with your tongue!” I’d share the video, but it’s just the back of everyone’s head as they crowd around to see the spectacle.

After a few tries, Luke said, “Hold onto the ball and throw me down the stairs.” That’s when I decided to stop the madness.

This all took place about 2 weeks ago, and I am happy to report that the tooth is finally out. This morning I noticed that the tooth appeared to be about 1/4 inch taller than the rest of Luke’s teeth. I think it was just resting on his gums because when he wiggled it with his tongue it just came out. Finally!