Luke and his posse hit the terrain park this weekend for his birthday and we filmed another video or two for the retrospective at the X-games in a few years. Dave says, “Go Tommy!” But Luke goes first, then Tommy, then Fritz.

This next one is the chip off the old block video:


So far six is an interesting age. He can be very polite when he wants something, yet he thinks “No” is an acceptable response when I ask him to do something. He is so much bigger than that little skier that everyone thought was so adorable when he passed them,
but from the lift over the terrain park I still hear, “Did you see that little boy go over that jump?!”

He can mountain bike and ski, but I still get to tuck him in at night, and he’ll still slip his hand into mine when we cross the street.

He has become modest enough to say, “I need privacy when I change my clothes!” And yet my reply has to be, “Then don’t change in the living room.”


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