>Doodely Do

>I taught Luke how to Doodely Do this weekend, and it was awesome. I suppose there are different definitions of doodely doing; it’s a method of picking up your house. It may mean shoving things into drawers, or throwing things away just to regain some semblance of surface order. (My brother’s 6th grade photos may have suffered the fate of the doodely do, never to be seen again. On the other hand, 6th grade is an awkward phase, so maybe it was like with Luke’s kindergarten picture, where if they made it into the recycling bin, it would have been accidentally on purpose. I used two of those photos with the summer camp application, and let’s just say he better not go missing because I do not want to see those photos on the news. Among other reasons, of course, lest I jinx myself.) I chose to implement the doodely do thusly: Luke and I ran around putting away toys as fast as possible. They needed to be put in the correct location, and you had to run to do it. It was sort of a good workout, and the living room was picked up in record time. Then we doodely did the laundry, and it turns out that Jack’s pjs ended up in Luke’s drawer, but no other problems have come to light so far.

So maybe Doodely Do is the new method for getting help from the kids. On the other hand, maybe he was just feeling helpful. First thing in the morning, he pretended that I was a king and he was my cook and he made me some muffins. (Delish.) Then later, when Luke was pretending to be a tiger, I convinced him to be a helpful tiger who does my bidding. So there you go, lot’s of ideas from my parenting repertoire, help yourself!


6 thoughts on “>Doodely Do

  1. Beth

    >Our version of doodley do was to play the song “Fergilicious” and clean up as much as possible during the song. Well, we did it so many times that Anthony just started dancing and singing along, instead of picking up. When I heard him sing, “I aint easy, I aint sleazy…” I figured it was time for a new idea.

  2. Anonymous

    >Just curious – what witty person authored the idea of “doodly – doing”? FYI, in the service we called it “gun decking”. Same thing. Frantically running around and doing a surface job only.

  3. JCH

    >Megan, this all reminds me of a game that some unnamed mean spirited parents played on a bunch of children years ago. The game was called polar bear. The winner was the person who could be quiet the longest. Little did we (excuse me, the children) know, it was all a ploy to keep them quiet under the guise of a “game.”

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