>Hello Labor Intensive Cupcake!

>I bought Hello Cupcake this year with a Christmas gift certificate, and I am on my third creation. The first was simple, and the second wasn’t worth photographing. The third, and the reason I bought the book, turned out quite well:

And it was easy. All I had to do was bake the muffins, and then have my father in law cut mini donuts in half, my sister in law cut starburst and chocolate cookies, my mother in law cup up marshmallows while I iced everything together. Then after the last layer of icing, my sister in law and mother in law helped me assemble all the pieces. Then we spent about 20 minutes figuring how to transport them to school. Huge success! They were devoured in under 5 minutes.

Thanks for your help, family!


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  1. Anonymous

    >I participated and went to bed before the final product was finished. I was wondering how Meg was going to make the assembled cupcake, half donut and a donut hole (center) to look like the picture. Well, when I got the next day there it was. Better than the picture. That girl never fails to amaze me.Grandad/Paul

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